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Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

  • When running for re-election to City Council of Irvine, Extremist Steven Choi launched an Islamaphobic attack against his opponent, a lawyer who represented the Council on American-Islamic Relations of C.A.I.R. 1

  • Choi told the audience at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce that Muslims weren’t fit to hold office, to not vote for council candidate with ties to C.A.I.R., which he called “a dangerous Islamic organization.” 2

  • Despite the fact that Choi’s opponent received anti-Muslim threats and harassment, 3 Choi refused to apologize for his bigoted remarks,  shockingly claiming that he was the one who deserved an apology. 5

Embraced Trump’s Hardline Anti-Immigration Policies

  • Extremist Steven Choi opposed a law that safeguarded DACA students on college campuses from detention and deportation by federal immigration enforcement authorities. 6

  • Choi also voted against a resolution condemning Trump’s travel ban on Muslim countries7