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Women's Health

  • Extremist Steven Choi opposes a women’s right to choose and has repeatedly voted against funding healthcare services for women, including treatment for breast and cervical cancer and opposing emergency contraception for women. 1

  • Choi also received a 100% rating from the extremist anti-choice group Life Priority Network. 2

Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Extremist Steven Choi voted against legislation to prevent gender pay discrimination on three different occasions. 3

  • Choi also voted against legislation to put more women in board rooms. 4


Sexual Assault and Harassment

  • Extremist Steven Choi refused to support a bill to give survivors of abuse more rights to file lawsuits against abusers. 5

  • Choi was among the only State Assemblymembers to defend another legislator accused of sexually harassing Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and two other women. 6

Paid Family Leave

  • Extremist Steven Choi voted against a bill to ensure every Californian can access 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected leave. 7