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Contributions from Corporate Polluters

  • Extremist Steven Choi took tens of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel industry. 1

  • Choi also took nearly $30,000 from oil and gas companies, including thousands of dollars from Chevron. 1

Protecting Big Oil

  • Extremist Steven Choi voted twice to allow offshore drilling in California. 2

  • Extremist Steven Choi also repeatedly voted to advance the interests of the oil industry.

  • Choi also opposed clean air standards, and voted against extending California's landmark climate programs. 3

Profiting off Votes Protecting Dirty Fuels

  • Corrupt Steven Choi reported having up to thirty thousand dollars in oil and gas investments, including in Exxon and Chevron. 4 These votes didn't just benefit his donors, they helped him directly profit.