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Personal Gifts

  • Corrupt Steven Choi is a typical Sacramento politician who uses his office for his own personal gain, accepting over $54,000 in gifts and taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest groups. 1

  • This includes all-expense-paid trips to Australia and Japan, luxury hotel rooms, expensive meals, tickets to concerts and numerous gifts like bottles of wine, gift cards, rounds of golf and clothing. 1

Profiting Off His Votes

  • Corrupt Steven Choi reported having up to thirty thousand dollars in oil and gas investments, including in Exxon and Chevron, then repeatedly voted to advance the interests of the oil industry.  2

Elevating Cronies 

  • Corrupt Steven Choi appointed his cronies to public board positions, including someone who was later convicted of stealing $4.3 million in a ponzi scheme. 3


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