Choi Pandemic Response.jpg

Pandemic Preparedness

  • Extremist Steven Choi repeatedly refused to fund infectious disease control and pandemic preparedness, leaving our community without vital resources during the coronavirus crisis. 1

  • Choi voted against providing tens of millions of dollars to local governments for disease control preparedness in case of health emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic. 

Absent During COVID

  • In the middle of this pandemic, Extremist Steven Choi refused to stand up to the Orange County Board of Supervisors when they canceled the face-mask mandate.

  • When the Orange County Board of Education tried to reopen schools before it was safe, Choi refused to call out their recklessness.



  • Extremist Steven Choi voted against laws mandating vaccines for preventable diseases for our children, including opposing creating a streamlined system to ensure that every child who needs to get vaccinated should get vaccinated. 2

  • Choi also opposed cracking down on fraudulent exemptions from the vaccine law. 2

Refusal to Take on Big Pharma

  • Extremist Steven Choi refused to support critical legislation that would have lowered prescription drug costs and increased access to life-saving treatments. 3